5-Minute Morsels ~


“For the Lord your God is He who goes with you, to fight for you against your enemies, to save you.” (Deuteronomy 20:4)

Do not look at your prayer life as a small ministry of no importance. The enemy knows full well how mighty you are in pulling down his strongholds, and he will try to intimidate, discourage, divide, or defeat you. Don’t accept his lies ….

Doubt. Deception. Discouragement. Division. It’s time for the church to stop accepting these enemy strikes as natural. Spiritual warfare is a reality that the church must face. It won’t go away on its own – but it can be dealt with through prayer. There is no power on earth such as can be found in praying saints ….

Love God with all your heart, obey His Word, and abide in Him. Abiding in God is so important in order to see answered prayer. I am personally, by nature, a warrior, but my relationship with God is the best antidote against the enemy’s flaming missiles. We must know God intimately, and abide in that intimacy daily to walk in the authority and victory that is ours …..

“If you abide in me and my words abide in you, you will ask whatever you desire, and it shall be done for you.” (John 15:7).

Speak out the attributes of God, and praise Him daily in prayer and worship. Worship is a powerful form of warfare. Praying and singing out loud about the greatness of God during moments when you are emotionally down makes a huge difference. Trust me, as this is one of the biggest ways in which I’ve found breakthroughs. Your heart begins to rise up, your feelings change, and you see the sovereignty and greatness of God …..

Here is a prayer you can pray for victory over the enemy’s schemes:

Lord, thank You for Your greatness. Thank You that when I am weak: You are strong. Lord, the enemy is scheming and I know he desires to keep me from spending time with You. Keep me that him may not overtake me and win! Give me a measure of Your strength so that I might not give into discouragement, deception and doubt! Help me honor You in all my ways. Strengthen me that I may stand and praise You through my storms. In Jesus’ Name, Amen …..

The cost of carrying your cross can be extreme. The call to follow Jesus is to suffer persecution; to be beaten, bruised, and battered, lied about, mispresented, mistreated; to be betrayed, rejected, and even abandoned. It is narrow path requiring radical obedience ….

Follow anyway …. May your committment and profession be aa mine: “thou none go with me yet will I follow” ….


Published by: A ~ Rambling ~ Zealot ~

Saved, sanctified, and Spirit filled; I'm an on- fire, tongue-talkin' Holy Ghost dynamo! I am Your kindling my Lord ... lay me across Your alter; that Your fire may consume me and burn so brightly that all who see me may see YOU!!! .. May You be glorified in everything I say, do, or post ....

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