Your Daily Scramble ~


“It is God who arms me with strength and keeps my way secure.” (2 Samuel 22:33)

I was just remembering sitting outside early one morning just before dawn. Rainstorms were all around, I could hear the distant thunder and feel the strong winds. But my little place under the roof awning with a hot cup of coffee, Bible, and favorite blanket was secure, safe, and undisturbed, though all around me it was stormy ….

God’s reminder came: “You are secure in Me. You are held strong by My protection overhead though the storms of life may surround you. The winds can blow, the rains can beat down hard, the times may look dark, but My Presence surrounds and I am greater than the storm.”….




Just because I was under the roof awning, it didn’t stop the storm. But it did provide protection during the storm. Just because we are under God’s care, it doesn’t stop the storms from happening around us. But it does provide incredible strength and protection for every battle we face in this life




Many of you might find yourselves facing huge storms in your life right now. Maybe your storm is caused by circumstances that are out of your control. Maybe your storm is caused by people, broken relationships, and betrayal or hurt that has wounded you deeply ….

Maybe the biggest storm you face is caused by the enemy himself whose main goal is simply to bring you down, stop you in your tracks from being a light in this world. God reminds us in His word, that the enemy’s intent is always to steal, kill, and destroy. He will do all he can to prevent truth from being shared, and he is ruthless and cruel …..

But the storms never have full reign, for right in the midst He reminds us: You are held secure by a Mighty God. You may feel some wind, you may hear the loud thunder, and see darkness or rain all around. But His covering of protection and love surround, you don’t face it alone. And in just a short time the storms will pass, the light will shine again, and you will be strengthened for a greater work ahead ….


Press on my friends who are facing hard times. Pray through. He knows your way and has a plan. You are held, and He is with you …..

Seek peace, but choose to remind yourself daily, that you are not facing this battle alone. God is the One who is with you, strengthening you daily, keeping your way secure. He gives peace and joy right in the midst of the toughest times …..

Trust Him, even though you can’t figure it all right now. He knows what’s up ahead, and He is building greatness within you …



How we thank You Father for the many and varied examples of men and women who successfully entered the race of life and completed the course that was laid out for their life, in the power of the Holy Spirit. Thank You for the great cloud of witnesses in the Word of God and throughout the ages who have finished their journey through life, having run the race that was set before them, looking to Jesus the author and finisher of their faith…..

May we remain stedfast to the end of our lives and live the way that You would have us to live, knowing that we are fashioned in Your image and likeness and born again as a new creation in Christ…..

Help us to “keep on keeping on” unto our life’s end, no matter what struggles and difficulties may ensue. When we stumble we ask Lord, that You would be there to pick us up, when sadness strikes at our hearts.. that You would be there to comfort and calm. When clouds of doubt blacken the perspective of our heart may the sunshine of Your love break through and reveal Your every smiling face of love and when through disobedience or disinterest we stray from the path of righteousness, would You lead us through the valley of humility and gently lead us back into the way of truth……

Thank You Lord that You have promised to finish the good work that You have started in each of our lives. May we therefore arrive at the finishing post having steadfastly run the race that You set before us may we all hear Your precious words from Jesus,”well done good and faithful servant,” in Whose name we pray, amen ….


Published by: A ~ Rambling ~ Zealot ~

Saved, sanctified, and Spirit filled; I'm an on- fire, tongue-talkin' Holy Ghost dynamo! I am Your kindling my Lord ... lay me across Your alter; that Your fire may consume me and burn so brightly that all who see me may see YOU!!! .. May You be glorified in everything I say, do, or post ....

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