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Judgments Hurt

“He who hath ears to hear, let him hear.” (Matthew 13:9)

Judgment hurts when you are judged unfairly, especially by those closest to you whom you love. We need to learn to appreciate and celebrate others when they doing good, rather than judging them and spotting their issues. I believe there is more than one space in Heaven for every one of us, so pull your brethren up and help them get to that level ….
No one is perfect, no one is pure, and nobody is completely holy. We are all striving to be righteous, and be like Christ!  When you “love thy neighbor as thyself” and even love your enemies, as well as those lower than you, God will uplift you. Remember you are not free until you have no reason to impress anyone, even with your salvation, so continue to strive on impressing God and not man ….

Having said that, it is very important that we do not downgrade anybody because of what we hear, see or perceive…
When we judge others, or we have a conception in our hearts towards them, it is a reflection of the way you are. So; for example, if you judge somebody based on what you have ‘heard’, it shows that you are as just the same as that person you are judging. Do you think it is right to judge another just to make yourself feel good? Some people judge because of fear… fear of not being loved, chosen, accepted, cared for etc…

This is why relationships with family and friends are broken. We need to realise that our words have so much power in them! As Women of God and Men of God, we must strive to ensure that we uplift and elevate one another, and not condemn. (Matthew 7:1-5).
Can you ask yourself this question: “Why am I being so judgmental?” The way you treat people behind the scenes will reflect towards your future in the open…

Just as God sees those things in the dark, rather in secret, He knows the thoughts and intents of the heart. You aren’t fooling Him when you smile in someone’s face, yet have judged them in your heart. He already knows….

(James 4:11-12): “Speak not evil one of another. He that speaketh evil of his brother, and judgeth his brother (or sister), speaketh evil of the law, and judgeth the law: But if thou judge the law, thou art not a doer of the law, but a judge. There is one lawgiver, who is able to save and to destroy: who art thou that judgest another?”

And really it is true…who are WE to judge our neighbor? He that overestimates himself is classified as a fool, but he who humbles himself in the presence of God is wise. We cannot expect to be representatives of Christ if we keep pointing fingers….

I spoke to one of my friends recently, and spoke about things happening in my life. As I was speaking with my friend, I had to listen carefully to what was said. I could sense that they were quite down, and I had to remind myself always to be positive.. However, the gist of the conversation took a turn and I was judged unfairly and it was quite out of context to what I had even been saying. Somehow that conversation became twisted and went into left field. I immediately felt judgments entering my own thoughts as a result of being judged myself. Often, when we are hurt, or feel wounded, its easy to allow our emotions determine our thoughts. And this is where Satan can gain a foothold…

Your thoughts can control your destiny! If you are not careful, you can fall into the trap of being judgmental, because of the way you ‘perceived’ someone. This is another reason why certain people do not open up. Most people assume that when they do open up, they will be judged or looked down at. I felt this way when I first met my pastor. I had already predetermined I was unlovable, and I felt very insecure to open up about myself in any great detail for fear she would reject me or deem me unworthy to enter their church…

I know it is not easy to open up, because I have been there, but it does not give you any right to cover up your faults and expose another’s just to feel secure or more “comfortable” about yourself.

I believe this is what happened with my friend. She possibly felt insecure about her spiritual condition, maybe even convicted; so it’s easier to point out someone’s past flaws or perceived character deficits to make themselves feel that they are actually okay. However, in every situation, the truth will come out and eventually, will set you free!
Remember, we are instructed to love our enemies and bless them that curse US, revile US, persecute US or use US… (Matthew 5:43-47).

We are actually blessed to endure such, as it is written in (Matthew 5:10-12) “Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake. Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.”

Let us be considerate towards others, particularly those that do not know Christ yet, or have not been brought up in a Christian home. As representatives of Christ, we must always remind ourselves that we are the light of the world, and that we need to shine our light onto everybody we meet. Even a smile is a sign of ACCEPTANCE! Smiling can really make someone’s day… try it to someone and see if they smile back! I guarantee they will!

Nevertheless, if you know in your heart that you are sincere: with yourself; that you do not want to be judged, then do not judge others… (Matthew 7:1). In other words, when you judge others, you are exposing your hidden sin and bringing it into the light. When you expose the truth and people are reminded of their inner-self or their dark side, they try to ignore it, or in most cases they lash out defensively to try and inflict wounds to you. This detracts from their issues. Also, it exposes their true heart to others around them. This makes them feel very uneasy. So they will try to justify themselves by quoting pieces of scripture no matter how far out of context it is….

How does judging relate to others, you may be thinking… well from a societal point of view, it is very easy to judge based on appearance or even popularity. We must remember that before we judge people, let us look deeply within ourselves before opening our mouths. Often the very thing we dislike or judge someone on is because it reminds US of something in ourselves that we don’t like….

When a Christian lovingly and graciously presents the gospel to unbelievers, a judgment is made regarding their standing with God. The Bible clearly declares that all men are sinners, have fallen short of the glory of God, and are in need of redemption from their sins (Romans 3:23). This judgment is not made from the opinion of the Christian who is presenting the gospel, but rather by what the Bible clearly declares. Please understand the difference between the two carefully. Let us always remember that we are helping people based on the Word of God, and not of or for ourselves ….

The claim that Christians are not to judge is often made when dealing with issues such as abortion, adultery, homosexual behavior, and same-sex marriage. When a Christian says, for example, that homosexual behavior is a sin and that same-sex marriage is wrong, he or she is often met with objections like the following:
“Who are you to judge two people who love each other?”…. “Who do you think you are, telling someone who they can and cannot love? You’re a sinner, too!”…. “Someone’s private life is none of your business. Don’t judge them.”

Some people will even quote (Matthew 7:1) where Christ said during the Sermon on the Mount, “Judge not, that ye be not judged.” Of course, when they quote this verse in regard to such situations, they take it out of context to support their own point of view…
When we consider the concept of judging, especially as it relates to the Sermon on the Mount, Christ tells us to be discerning, not condemning. I’ve had to seriously look at this closely in my own life, as God used a sister to speak, which did convict me, and reprove me; and thank heavens that He did, and that she was obedient to speak; or I might have remained misguided in my thought processes concerning this. Yes, here is the example in my own life that “we all fall short.”

But after my tears and my repentive heart turned, the Spirit assured me with the remembrance of (1 John 1:9) “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

There are significant logical problems with the claim that believers should not make judgments. The first becomes evident when we read the context of (Matthew 7:1). Most of us, particularly youth, fall into various things. But what help are we giving to them if we are judgmental? It could be that they did not have a good upbringing; we will never truly know what one is going through in their lives, but it should at least give us an opportunity to encourage them to keep going.

In conclusion, we are called to judge righteously (John 7:24) and it should be a part of biblical discernment in every believer’s thinking. But it is God’s Word that makes the judgment on morality and truth, not our own opinions or theories…. This means that believers should examine their own lives regularly and also lovingly challenge Christian brothers and sisters who are in error ….
To do this, believers must be bold for Christ, but they also have to be humble, loving, and kind….

God bless you …



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