Thus Saith the Lord ~


“But now thus saith theLord that created thee, O Jacob, and He that formed thee, O Israel, Fear not: for I have redeemed thee, I have called thee by thy name; thou art mine.”
(Isaiah 43:1)

God is very personal. Consider the word formed (v.1)—it’s so intimate. God may have spoken the universe into existence, but He formed you. This is the same word used in (Jeremiah 18) to describe God as the potter with His hands on the clay, personally shaping you.


He did not just make your life and bring you into existence; He is forming the kind of person you are becoming day by day. God is making you into who He wants you to be …..

When it comes to your identity, the critical issue is not what you think about yourself ~ because you can’t be trusted! As (Jeremiah 17:9) says, “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?”
Ultimately, the only thing that matters is what God thinks about you, and He knows all; every secret hidden thought, motive and action ….

Tune in to the biblical message of who God says you are, and allow His thoughts about you to build your identity. You will discover a remarkably different thought pattern developing: I’m not who my parents, or my spouse, or my friends say I am. I’m not who my boss says I am. I’m not what my performance or my appearance say I am. I am not what or who my past says I am ….. I am who God says I am.

I Am-1

If you let your mind be renewed with His Word, the truth that God formed you will download into your identity and your attitude. This involves accepting truths about God that will affect your understanding of who you are, and it results in an attitude that honors Him. You’ll be surprised by how your actions naturally begin to flow out of who you know you are in Christ …..

The fact that God is personal reinforces this awesome identity truth: the Lord has redeemed you and called you His own. He paid your redemption price with His Son’s life so that He could have a relationship with you that will last forever.

If you have put your trust in Jesus, God says, “You are Mine” and that is exactly who you are. And what God says, and His opinion is the only thing that will ultimately ever matter. Let this truth shape your identity for His glory today.


In summary; something to ponder might be: which of these three actions by God; redeeming you, calling you by name, and declaring you are His own; means the most to you right now? What pattern of thinking do you need to release today to move forward in who God says you are?

Let us pray ~

Father God; You are awesome and I thank You for the awareness that I am being shaped by Your hands even today. Sharpen my senses to appreciate the care and workmanship that You are lavishing upon me today. Thank You for paying for my redemption, for knowing and calling upon my name, and for claiming me as Your own. What delight there is in relishing Your grace. I thank You and I pray this in Jesus name, Amen…..

God is with us ……


Published by: A ~ Rambling ~ Zealot ~

Saved, sanctified, and Spirit filled; I'm an on- fire, tongue-talkin' Holy Ghost dynamo! I am Your kindling my Lord ... lay me across Your alter; that Your fire may consume me and burn so brightly that all who see me may see YOU!!! .. May You be glorified in everything I say, do, or post ....

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