Receive in Jesus Name


“They are filled with the new wine.”
These are the words that came before me this morning. God is pouring out his new wine upon His children. He is bringing in a new and fresh move in this season.
So many times, doctrines and traditions have tried to confine Him to a box, but the Lord is breaking out of the box. He is pouring out the fresh wine of His Spirit, with His fresh revelation to fill our wineskins ….

We all like new things and new beginnings. There are times when it would be a real blessing if God would raise His Mighty Arm and cry “Enough.”
He is getting ready to initiate this new beginning for you. I hear the Lord say, “Behold, I will do a new thing in your life! I am pouring out that new wine, Oh yes I have saved the best for last and it carries the strength, the vitality, and the life that is going to break off the old, dry things in your life …. Get ready. I am doing a new thing. The main event is about to take place; something like you have never seen before. Your vessel has become cracked and dry with the stress, the worry, the fear, but this new wine is going to renew every part of you. You shall be renewed and ready! Ready for what’s coming …. Ready for good news …. Ready for your future …. Ready for the new wine of my Spirit!”

I declare and decree right now for all those reading my words, “Lord release the new wine upon your children, that intoxicating fresh wine of your Spirit. It causes us to dance and to dream, it gives us hope and a life of freedom.
Right now to those who feel as though they are on the very bottom rung of their ladder of faith, DO NOT GIVE UP!!!. Your new wine, your new beginning is coming!! And this bubbly mix cannot be contained by the religious rules and doctrines. We throw out our old wineskins, our old way of thinking, and embrace the new that you are pouring upon us in this season Lord God. We receive it right now in the mighty name of Jesus!!!

In your seemingly predictable world, God is going to bring some surprises and blow your mind. He is changing your wineskin for the flow of His fresh, new wine and revelation. Just as the disciples on the day of Pentecost was filled with the new wine, I am sure they were told to be quiet, sit down, act decent and in order, but when that new wine of His Spirit begins to bubble over, it is fire in your bones. I know as for me, I cannot sit still. Sometimes a Holy Ghost party is in order and this is one of those times. So raise your hands, wave and shout, dance and dream, for He has been too good to us to just sit quietly by. He is pouring it out so claim it, receive it, grab hold of your vision and run with it, and know with assurance that He is making all things for you new again …..

Published by: A ~ Rambling ~ Zealot ~

Saved, sanctified, and Spirit filled; I'm an on- fire, tongue-talkin' Holy Ghost dynamo! I am Your kindling my Lord ... lay me across Your alter; that Your fire may consume me and burn so brightly that all who see me may see YOU!!! .. May You be glorified in everything I say, do, or post ....

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